Thursday, 19 January 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cheap Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries can be used in many vehicles. But these are mostly visible in cars, Where they can evaluate many tasks, including a starting line, they have a high stream capability is ideal for the supply current requirements.  The people likely to use lead-acid batteries, because these batteries are cheaper and they can be easily repaired; therefore people buy cheap lead acid battery in Nairobi.  In addition to this, in many applications, their primary or backup power supply can provide a good result of lead-acid batteries. They can give you a good amount of high current and work for long time, and this technology is widely available almost everywhere.

Monday, 19 December 2016

A Homemade Solar Lantern in Developing Countries

Today, in the world more than 1.5 million people in Africa, Nairobi, Asia and Latin America live without the benefits of electricity. When the sun sets, however, his day is far from over: when the daily work in the fields is done, family and social take care of life, goods are sold in night markets and kiosks and community centers become meeting points for people the locals. Not until late at night do housewives find the opportunity sew or do housework and many students only get to work after dark. Because of this less electricity use people mostly buy cheap solar lantern in Nairobi.

Lighting for these colorful scenes comes in many forms. The rich are able to afford diesel generators, while the poorest must comply with candles and glow the fire. However, the most common source of artificial light in countries like Kenya, Peru and Afghanistan is the kerosene lamp - ranging from simple wick lamps low-cost pressure lamps with high-quality gas lamps They are popular among campers in Europe. The luminous efficacy many traditional lighting methods is very low and poor value for money: oil lamps and candles cost a typical household in developing countries 40 to 80 US dollars per year (actual costs vary widely in international fuel prices, national taxes, and households’ behavior).

An Alternative: Solar-powered Lanterns

In an effort to curb this waste of resources, development organizations have been spreading alternative lighting technologies two decades, including solar powered solutions. In these devices, solar cells convert sunlight into electricity during the day charging a battery, which in turn produces light for use at night. The more common light source used in this type of solar systems is the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), although the recently more efficient light emitting diodes (LED) have become more extended.
Solar lamp developed by LED safari implementation is a more efficient, safer and less expensive lighting traditional oil lamp currently used by more than one billion people in the world. An integral part of this young start-up of Lausanne is a three-day educational workshop organized locally and led by trained commissioning to educate and train beneficiaries’ globetrotters.

To Overcome Problems

In order to overcome the use of many problems caused by a solar lantern 1.6 billion people around the world, LED safari developed an ingenious system, from the existing site, such as wires, a mobile phone battery and an empty bottle equipment to do their own light. More than 200 people in India, Kenya, and Tanzania who attended the workshop have begun to accept the economic and health benefits of this ingenious system and through this process are enjoying the daylight.

Development of new sources of third world countries faces reappearing problems: cost and long-term integration into everyday life. Ph.D. in solar energy and building physics laboratory has a distinct idea of developing this basic, but the effective lamp. A design was presented to anyone, these lamps require more than what is found on the local device. Therefore people buy cheap solar lantern in Nairobi.Solar panels are come from abroad. Five to six hours of charging in the sun enough for four to five hours of light.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Advantages Of Buying A Cheap Smart Tv Than Traditional Tv

The DVDs and blue rays are still holding the strong market because the endless use of television streaming in your homes. The new gaming systems coming out every year because we are living in second golden age of televisions. You are missing a lot of great stuff if your TV is couple of years old or you are having a traditional TV. So exchange your old traditional TV with new smart TV or buy cheap smart TV in Nairobi as they give you best.

Smart TVs are different from traditional TVs, the reasons that you should buy cheap smart TV in Nairobi as they give you more advantages than buying a traditional TV as smart TVs also offers the access to the apps, games and internet protocol television (iPTV), you can easily have an access to these smart TVs as they are available all the time in the market. You can also buy cheap smart TV in Nairobi which will give a change to your lifestyle. Smart TV deliver the content like photos, movies and music from other computers by the use of digital living network or the use of storage devices, it also have feature of additional interactive user interface, technologies for navigation controls and human interaction with smart TV. These second screen companion device even helps you for speech recognition in different languages for natural language user interface.

The technological convergence between computers and flat screen TV sets and set top boxes is known as smart TV. Smart TV offers many multiple services that an ordinary traditional TV can’t, the name hybrid TV is given to the technologies that can connect the features of internet web to the television set. The traditional television sets and set top boxes function provides traditional broadcasting media but the smart TVs provides the best internet TV, online interactive media, over the top content (OTT) and demand streaming media to the home network access. The smart television industry survives in the battle of specification considering that there is only that much that a TV set can do, the smart television are increasingly being sold on the features like resolution, connectivity and advance features so don’t late to buy cheap smart TV in Nairobi.

Aside from applications, the smart TVs do have other additional benefits that it offer other potential feature of build-in computers and an online connection. The manufacturers can add common games like angry birds that attract the kids to replace the play stations. The use of build-un camera and additional video-camera accessory, with some advanced software some high-end smart TVs offer video calling services through Skype that helps business executives for their meetings and conferences. Food apps can helpful for the professional chef and house wives that love to cook food while sports person will cheer the dynamic food app. The fitness app is also available that helps to make you fit at home without joining gyms, you can stay in shape with this app installed in you smart TV. The education application helps parents to educate their kids with entertainment that adds an extra interest to study. Other powerful processors search voice and gesture recognition for screen switching. These advantages convince you to exchange old traditional TV and buy cheap smart TV in Nairobi.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Construction of Lead Acid Battery

As such the main battery container containing sulfuric acid and therefore material for the manufacture of lead-acid batteries of the vessel must be resistant to sulfuric acid. The material from which the container should be free also affects those impurities of sulfuric acid. Especially iron and manganese will not be tolerated. Glass, lead-lined timber, hard rubber, hard rubber asphalt compound, ceramic materials and molded plastic having the above characteristics, so lead-acid battery container is formed from any of those species. The container was tightly sealed with the cap. Because of these characteristics people buy cheap lead acid battery in Nairobi.

The upper deck has three holes, a shed on each side of the posts and in the middle for vent plug and allowing the electrolyte and gases escape. On inner bottom floor of lead acid battery holder, two ridges to grip the positive lead acid battery plates and a further two ribs keep the negative plates. The ridges or prisms serve as support for the plates while protecting them against short circuits arise otherwise because of the fall of the active material of the plates at the bottom of the container. The container is most basic part of the construction of lead acid battery

Lead Acid Battery Plates

There are generally two methods of producing the active material of the cell and attach it leads to records.  We know the names of their inventors.

Plant Plate

Plant process

This process took two sheets of lead and plunged into dilute H2SO4. When a current in the lead acid cell transferred from an external supply, then as a result of electrolysis, hydrogen and oxygen are developed. At anode, put pilot oxygen attacks in PbO2 while cathode is unaffected because hydrogen is not connected with Pb may form.

If the cell is now discharged and peroxide-coated cathode plate becomes, so the hydrogen form and oxygen combine to form lead dioxide water, PB2 + 2H2 → Pb + 2H2O

Meanwhile, the oxygen feed to the anode lead and PbO2 is formed by the reaction. Thus, the anode becomes lead dioxide film covering.

By reversing the current, or by continuous charging and discharging of the film will become increasingly thick PbO2, cell polarity will require increasingly long time to reverse. After two stereotype by hundreds reversal will acquire lead peroxide sufficiently thick enough to handle high-capacity skin. Production of a positive electrode plate formed of a process called. The negative electrode plate of lead-acid battery is the same process.

Structure of Plant Plate

As can be seen, since the active material consists of a Plant plate formed with a thin layer from the surface of the lead plates PbO2, it must be expected to have a large surface area, to get it a significant volume. Surface area of ​​the lead-acid battery plates can be increased by slots or stacked. The figure shows the Plant positive plate pure lead grid which consists of finely laminated surface. The structure of these panels is reinforced by laminating a large number of fine vertical ribs which is incorporated by horizontal interval

Faure Plate

Faure in the process, the active material is applied mechanically, rather than by the electrolysis itself developed as a lead plate Planet process. Active substance, it is in the red lead (Pb3O4) or a lead oxide (PBO) or both as a mixture of various proportions were pressed into a thin gap also serves as a lead grid current conductor. Paste with the active material of the plate was dried, cured and assembled at the gate of the proportion of weak sulfuric acid solution after. Lead batteries must be long-term affordability of inactivity, with or without an electrolyte solution. Long-term storage, if present in the cell solution may result in insufficient power. This motivates people to buy cheap lead acid battery in Nairobi.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Qualities to Choose A Solar Generator

If you frequently experience adverse weather conditions in your area, you know how important it can be a generator for you and your family; therefore, people buy cheap solar generator in Nairobi from AlFuraat. However, many homeowners are wary of the use of gas generators, mainly because they can be dangerous. Gasoline fumes depend on the ground; if a spark ignites them, it is simply a disaster waiting to happen. There are also environmental issues associated with traditional generators. A solar device, though, is much safer for both your family and the environment, and it is worth investigating as an alternative to a gas-powered generator. Understand the benefits of a solar generator can help the lights on and save the planet at the same time.


A portable solar power system is particularly ideal backup power, in the sense that they can be moved and stored when not in use. You'll solar backup generators with solar panels and complete solar power and lighting systems find.

The most obvious reason for a solar-powered generator was used because it is a "green" choice. It does not harm the environment because it is fueled by the sun, and not to run away from nonrenewable energy sources, such as gas or coal. Furthermore, because the sun is a free resource, the energy it generates is free. Although the initial investment in the generator is often expensive, it is possible to save money in the long run.

The generator actually saves power on the days when sunny, which means you will still be able to use the device in inclement weather. If, however, in an area where there is the little sun to start to live, a solar generator cannot be the best choice. While this should eventually lift, it will be much longer than if you take living in a natural sunny area.

A solar power generator produces electricity from the sun that can be used to power small household appliances such as lamps, radios or supporters. While fossil fuel generators usually reserved for use in emergencies when the power is out, as after an earthquake or hurricane, solar-powered generators can be practically used all the time, limited only by the climatic conditions and access to sunlight. They can also be light and portable, making it ideal for camping and other outdoor uses.

In particular, solar powered versions make much sense; they are good for the environment, and it is a smart long-term investment. And why stop there? There are a number of other devices available that can also be powered by the sun, such as lights, fans and even battery chargers. Research your options and live greener on the road.

A portable solar generator can quickly get you up and run again. Companies offer a wide range of solar power generators and emergency kits for use at home, cabin, apartment or mobile home. They can be used as emergency power for appliances and other household items. With these qualities, people buy cheap solar generator in Nairobi.

A portable solar power can also be used on a camping trip for items that cannot be dispensed with as your laptop, power tools, and lights. With the addition of solar panels, these solar power generators emergencies are self-sustaining, without any external power source necessary.